Truly, brotherly love has no bounds. Especially for Hunter and Braden.

This is a heart-warming story about a 16-year-old Michigan boy who is supporting his nine-year-old brother, who has cerebral palsy, by putting his brother on his back and walking 111 miles.

True story, and it's happening right now.

Hunter Gandee and his brother, Braden, from Temperance, in South East Michigan near Toledo, started their third Cerebral Palsy Swagger Walk at Bedford High School in Temperance, Wednesday of this week, April 20, and are walking all the way to Lansing! They will cross the finish line at the Capitol's front steps, this coming Monday, April 25th.

Fox News reports Hunter will carry Braden for the entire walk to bring more awareness to cerebral palsy – but this year Braden will walk the last half-mile.

Hunter admits that this will be his last walk with Braden for two reasons. Hunter is starting his last year of high school in the fall and will be preparing for college. Also, he explains, “Braden is getting bigger.”

Now that's a true love story!


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