Can you believe your "tabloid eyes," that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake might hook up again? What?

There is wild tabloid speculation about the two getting together again, however, just on stage.

In Touch Weekly had reported that Brit was looking for a way to add some spark to her flagging "Piece of Me" residency show in Las Vegas, and the magazine quoted a source as saying, “Britney called Justin out of the blue and said she wanted him to come to Vegas and do a series of concerts with her.” The so-called insider says that Justin was "intrigued by the idea and thinks Brit’s idea is a good one and that reconnecting with her would be a good idea.”

Gossip Cop reached out to both camps and got the same answer -- no way! The site says Timberlake's rep called the report "totally erroneous."

What do you think? Anything's possible, that is, for a BIG payday!

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