UPDATE (8/12/21 12:00PM): UpNorthLive reports that the Missouri woman who is accused of shooting a 20-year-old Grand Rapids woman could be facing life in prison. The accused is identified as 36-year-old Lauren Hunter. Hunter has been charged with intent to murder. Hunter's attorney is claiming that the shooting was done in self defense.

ORIGINAL STORY: Road rage has apparently made its transition to the water, as an argument led to violence up north.

This sounds like it escalated WAY too quickly. A 20-year-old Grand Rapids woman is in intensive care at Munson Hospital in Traverse City this morning after being shot during an argument at a boat launch on Torch Lake.

The incident occurred Tuesday night at the busy state-run boat launch on the south end of the lake which was described by Antrim County Sheriff's Deputies as 'very busy' that night.

The victim has yet to be identified, and is currently in serious, but stable condition according to deputies.

According to a statement by the Antrim County Sheriff, Dan Bean, released to the Traverse City Record Eagle, the argument started when the victim and her boyfriend were loading a paddle board onto their vehicle when a vehicle driven by the suspected shooter backed down the crowded ramp to attempt to load her boat.

Words were exchanged, and when the women approached each other, the suspect, who is from Missouri, pulled out a .38 caliber pistol and shot at the victim, wounding her in the arm and chest.

The Missouri woman is currently in custody and charged with felonious assault. She was not been identified other than she is 36 years old and from Fenton, Missouri.

It used to be that getting away up north to go boating or paddling meant leaving your cares behind. But now road rage has crossed over to the lake, and it's a sad statement on where we are as a society.

Calm down -- another twenty minutes at a boat launch isn't worth getting shot or going to jail for.

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