This isn’t good! This weekend is so nice, and perfect for a little beach time along Lake Michigan, but officials in Ottawa County are warning beachgoers of black flies.

WZZM13 is reporting that Friday warning signs were put up at North Beach Park in Ferrysburg and Kirk Park in West Olive warning of the black flies which are known to be ankle biters.  Seriously, they like to bite low, usually near the ankles, unless you’re laying down, then you’re a prime target. Park supervisors told WZZM, they believe the flies could be a nuisance at least Saturday, and possibly Sunday as well.

Visitors at both parks are being offered full refunds within 15 minutes of entry according to WZZM13 if park visitors are unable to handle the flies.

The flies won’t be around forever, apparently, the winds which are also helping add to the great weather is helping the flies move from where they normally breed to the beaches where they're looking for new ankles to bite.

source: WZZM13

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