With the COVID 19 pandemic, a lot of people and organizations have had to tighten the old belt, so to speak, because of either change in income or fear of possibly losing it at some point. That’s not only true with people who realize with a job change or income loss, they can’t take care of their housing, family, and pets; but also the organizations that help take in those pets when the hard times hit.

That’s why the Bissell Pet Foundation has been working get food to the shelters and make sure these animals are still fed even during the pandemic. They’re even trying to make sure families that have income hardships can keep their furry family members, as area shelters are also acting as food banks, supplying pet owners with pet food during their time of need.

The Bissell Pet Foundation works with a network of 5000 shelters and rescue organizations across the country and in March they launched 'Feed the Shelters' which raised just over $21,000 during online fundraising, and BPF were then able to match that amount to feed 17 shelters in nine different states. Any “open admission” facility within the Bissell Pet Foundation network was able to apply for food assistance. In all, 4,757 bags of food went to shelters and rescues in around the country.

Here in Michigan, the Bissell Pet Foundation was able to donate food to the Kent County Animal Shelter, along with the Grand Rapids Pitbull Alliance and a few other organizations not in West Michigan.

If you want to help make sure all the animals get fed, Bissell Pet Foundation is still taking donations and you can do it all online Here


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