Amanda and McCrae have been in the Big Brother house together all summer.

Love lead the pair to hold a fake wedding last night in the Big Brother house.

Or was it Amanda's constant need for attention?

I think all Big Brother fans know the answer to that.

Big Brother 15 has been the season of the "showmance".  Nearly every guest has been a part of one.

Sometimes showmances are real.  Sometimes they are strategy.  Sometimes nobody can quite figure it out, like Amanda and McCrae or "McCranda/DeManda".

Over the past couple of weeks it's beginning to seem like McCrae wants out of the showmance for the sake of his Big Brother game.  Before the wedding he was encouraging Spencer to ask Jessie, who had just had a majorly awesome meltdown, to crash and disrupt their planned "wedding".

McCrae didn't want to go through with the wedding, but he did it anyway to avoid creating a scene and placing a target on himself in the Big Brother house.  He just was hoping someone else would stop it.

Once Amanda stopped harassing Big Brother producers and demanding that they provide more alcohol, the fake wedding began.

Current Big Brother Head of Household Andy lead the couple in the fake wedding.  Andy provided the only highlights.

Andy is a public speaking professor and he showcased those skills during the fake wedding. Andy used the opportunity to roast McCranda.  Pointing out the shortcomings of their gameplay and calling them "the, like, second best couple in the house, whatever".

Another highlight from Andy, "by the power vested in me, and because Elissa sucks, I now pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss the groom."

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