ArtPrize 10 begins Sep. 19 in Grand Rapids and the time for artists to register for the event has arrived.

Whether you are an ArtPrize veteran or have always wanted to enter the competition, registration is now open and will run through June 7 at 5 p.m.

Artists who wish to participate must first create an account, then pay a registration fee ($50 for individuals, $100 for groups) and complete an entry profile. Registration does not guarantee entry into ArtPrize. Artists must successfully "connect" with a venue to participate. Artist/Venue connections run April 25 - June 28. Register and learn more about the connection process.

Applications for 2018 Artist Seed Grants, presented by the Frey Foundation, are also open through June 7. The grants will give 25 artists $2,000 each to create their projects at ArtPrize. Artists must demonstrate both financial need and artistic merit. Applications will be reviewed and the winners will be selected by the ArtPrize Arts Advisory Council, a panel of art critics and experts.

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