I like this idea, it’s real multitasking...  a haunted car wash has opened in Muskegon.  Think about it, you get your scare on while washing the car -and you help charity; win-win-win!

It’s happening at Van’s Car Wash on Apple Avenue.  Each night now through Saturday, they're transforming the wash tunnel into a haunted car wash.  Complete with smoke, strobes, zombies and other creep-tastic things.

Don Steele, the district manager for Van’s told Fox 17:

"It's a haunt, a scare, a good time. We wait for it to get dark so it's really scary in the tunnel.  We're going to have strobe lights and actually have people in costume jumping out and saying 'boo!' "

He also said there’s no limit to how many can be in the car as it goes through the “wash tunnel of hell” (I don’t know if that’s the name or not, but it should be!)

It’s $10 to go through the haunted car wash and it goes to a great cause!  Proceeds are going to Muskegon’s Rescue Mission.