Students in Kent County, Michigan, need to get your application in because there is over a million dollars is scholarships available for college.

According to WZZM, you can submit your application now at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation.

There are 70 scholarship funds that are up for grabs with hundreds of opportunities for students. If you are a student that will be going after a bachelor or graduate degree or even technical training certificates, you are eligible to apply.

The Community Foundation gave out 1.36 million dollars last year in scholarships to 630 students who applied.

These scholarships really help take away the burden of school loans and give a lot of kids a chance at higher education that may not normally get the opportunity.

People in the community set up funds to help others fulfill their educational dreams. Some donors set up funds to honor a family member to help some students pursue a specific profession.

You have from now until March 1 of 2020 to apply. If you are a student or know one that is interested, get more info and apply here.

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