Restaurants suddenly closing is starting to become a common theme here in the Grand Rapids area.

WOOD-TV reports that Romano's Macaroni Grill, on 28th Street in Cascade, is the latest restaurant to close its doors. There was no notice or announcement to the public made by the establishment, they just randomly closed.

I called the restaurant and it goes straight to their menu options and regardless of what you press, it goes to their voicemail. Google has them listed as "permanently closed" and the Grand Rapids location has also been removed from the list of locations in Michigan on the chain's website. Their Facebook page was last updated on July 7th and shows no indication that they had plans on closing.

I decided to scope stalk the place on Monday night and saw that the signage had already been removed from the building and the main sign along the road.

Christine George/TSM

I also noticed that all of the lights were on in the restaurant and there were two semi trucks in the back of the place and people carrying a bunch of chairs. I assume the place was in the process of getting cleaned out.

The only thing left is a sign on the door that says they're closed.

We have enjoyed serving the community for 14 years."

Christine George/TSM

The sign also reads that people visit their nearest location in Ann Arbor. No thanks. Not driving to Ann Arbor just to get some macaroni.

An email with a coupon for a free antipasti was sent to customers to be used on their next visit. But keep in mind you're going to have to drive TWO HOURS!! So unless you happen to be in the area where a Macaroni Grill is, it's probably not worth it.

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