It's the dream of almost every Michigander (including me) to buy a plot of land up north and plop a small cabin on it. That's why this story is so cruel.

The press release from the Michigan State Police, as published on the UpNorthLive web site, is terse and to the point, but it leaves so many more questions than answers.

Michigan State Police is asking residents for help finding a stolen cabin in Kalkaska County.

The 12 x 28 cabin was located on County Road 571 in Cold Springs Township.

It was recently reported stolen.

The theft occurred sometime between November 18, 2021, and December 16, 2021.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the MSP Houghton Lake Post at 989-422-5101
Here's a photo of the cabin, in case someone in your neighborhood suddenly constructed it in their back yard.
Michigan State Police
Michigan State Police
 The State Police were unable to answer any of the questions I asked:
* If it was noticed missing on December 16 of last year, how come we're just finding out about now? It seems like that gave the thief(s) a two month head start. They could've rebuilt it in Alaska by now.
* Was it taken apart first, or winched onto the back of a flatbed truck?
* What remains, a concrete slab?
* What was inside it, and was that stuff deposited on the lot, or taken with the cabin?
* how can no one notice a cabin that size either being loaded onto a truck or disassembled. I know it's a rural area, but come on, that's a lot of work. And why haven't they come forward by now.
* Is it a hunting cabin? Maybe the deer dragged it out into the woods. (They didn't like that question.)
* It looks kind of like the cabin in "Fargo", did anyone notice a woodchipper nearby?
* Is this kind of theft common? Do I need to anchor my future dream cabin down with steel beams? (FYI -- Google says NO! it's not common.)
* Where can I get one of these? (Besides on the obvious newly created black market)
Be on the lookout, for this cabin.
It's adorable and needs to be brought back home.
Google maps
Google maps

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