Visitors at Luton Park in Kent County have seen just how aggressive an owl can be when it's nesting and protecting its territory.

Kent County Parks' Luton Park in Rockford is a "family-friendly multi-use park with 9.7 miles of inter­connected trails." The park was designed for mountain biking. It was not designed for owls, but they get first dibs anyway.

One of the trails is currently closed.

Photo courtesy of David Heitz
Photo courtesy of David Heitz

It's easy to avoid the area now, but some weren't so lucky.

Friends of Luton Park's Facebook page shared a post from someone who wanted to warn others about the owl. She said, "There is an owl who is being a little territorial on Luton. It swooped down and clawed the head of one of my colleagues twice on the black loop. It was definitely targeting her. Thank you to the mountain biker who helped her get off the loop safely."

One regular visitor told me there have been several owl attacks at Luton Park.

Luton Park is a great place to enjoy nature, but owls like it, too. Let's give them their space for now.

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