Tyrion's journey has brought him from a grocery store parking lot, to a ride on a city bus, to Crash's Landing. Let's make your home his next stop!

Crash's Landing is a non-profit, no-kill cat rescue center.  Since opening in Grand Rapids in 2002, Crash's Landing has helped more than 2,500 cats. But there is still work to be done.

Each Friday on 100.5 The River is Purrrfect Friday, where we feature a cat from Crash's Landing that needs a home.

This week, we're spotlighting Tyrion.

Tyrion was found wandering the parking lot of Meijer on 54th St. and Clyde Park. The woman who found him picked him up then took him home on a city bus. On May 6, 2019, Tyrion arrived at Crash's Landing.

Tyrion tested positive for Feline Leukemia and was transferred to Big Sid's, Crash's Landing's home for cats that carry the virus.

Tyrion loves chasing balls. He loves playing with other cats even more. Tyrion would be a great fit for a home with children.

Tyrion is two years old. He is a joy to be around and is not expected to be at Crash's Landing for long. Come and meet him today!

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