Link's story is a painful one that begins with him being trapped for at least two days before being rescued. Please help us find him a home.

Crash's Landing is a non-profit, no-kill cat rescue center.  Since opening in Grand Rapids in 2002, Crash's Landing has helped more than 2,500 cats. But there is still work to be done.

Each Friday on 100.5 The River is Purrrfect Friday, where we feature a cat from Crash's Landing that needs a home.

This week, we're spotlighting Link.

Link was found trapped in fence at Oriole Park in Wyoming. A woman had heard his cries for help before finding him. He needed to be cut free, so she sought help from people nearby who were able to provide tools. They said they had heard the cat for a couple of days, but were unable to find him.

It's not known how long the 1.5-year-old cat may have been trapped in the fence.

Once Link was free, he was brought to Crash's Landing.

Link had fleas, was filthy, underweight, and dehydrated when he arrived at Crash's Landing. Considering what he had been through, he was lucky to be back to health after just a few days.

Link has been through so much, now he's ready for a new home. Still not sure if he's for you? Consider that Link was purring as he was being cut free from the fence. This is one special cat. Please adopt Link!

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