Beverly Leslie has seen it all. Last fall, she was brought to Crash's Landing with a long list of health issues. The list continued to grow, but Crash's Landing never gave up and never stopped treating her.

Today, Beverly Leslie is healthy and ready to be adopted!

Crash's Landing is a non-profit, no-kill cat rescue center.  Since opening in Grand Rapids in 2002, Crash's Landing has helped more than 2,500 cats. But there is still work to be done.

Each Friday on 100.5 The River is Purrrfect Friday, where we feature a cat from Crash's Landing that needs a home.

This week, we're spotlighting Beverly Leslie.

Beverly Leslie was born in late 2013. She was found hanging around a Wyoming condo in October 2017. It took a couple of weeks for friends of Crash's Landing to be able to get close to Beverly Leslie, but they were finally able to get close enough to bring her in off of the street.

Beverly Leslie had a flea infestation, severe gingivitis and a bilateral ear infection secondary to untreated ear mites that ended up rupturing both eardrums. A week later she was healthy enough for surgery and it was discovered she was suffering from a uterine infection. At another surgery they discovered another problem. She had developed nasopharyngeal polyps in both middle ears. Removal was a success, but her white blood cell count was high due to the condition.

Treatment continued and by Christmas, Crash's Landing got the gift they'd been hoping for. A clean bill of health for Beverly Leslie! She was added to the cats available for adoption.

Beverly Leslie has been through enough. Adopt her today!

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