Putting on shows around the world isn't necessarily Adele's thing, but if the fans want to see her, then she'll happily oblige.

“I’m only touring for the fans, to see the people that changed my life,” she told Vogue for its March cover story. “There’s no need for me to tour. I’ll always be nervous, worrying whether I’m going to be good enough. And the adrenaline is so exhausting.”

Candid about enjoying her time away from the spotlight, she told writer Hamish Bowles about why she's decided to come back to music after years away.

“I didn’t miss being in the spotlight,” she explained. “but I really missed that side of myself. I was happy to be lost in the wilderness for a while, but I was a bit frightened that I was never going to get back. I suppose there was lots riding on what to follow 21 up with. Once ‘Hello’ came out, I felt like I’d got nothing to prove. I’m just going to sing now because I want to, and I’ll make records when I want to and not because someone is forcing me to do it.”

Adele said that when it came time to write her new album — a process she still exacts with a pen and notebook — she was jarred by how much her life had changed since her debut album, 19. 

“I was just shocked that all of a sudden I was 25!” she said. “But actually I like myself more than ever. I feel so comfortable in my own skin. I really like how I look, I like who I am, I like everyone that I surround myself with. Obviously I have insecurities, but they don’t hold me back.”

Adele also talked about her collaboration with Bruno Mars on "All I Ask," a 25 track inspired by "divas from the nineties" who showed off their vocal ranges. Aside from penning a great tune with Mars, she praised him for his immense talent.

“I’ve always been a really big fan of Bruno,” Adele gushed. “But when we worked together he was beyond. He can do anything, literally singing the best vocals you’ve ever heard live in your life while he is playing a drum or a bass or doing some mad percussion riff. I think he definitely will be the biggest, biggest, biggest artist in the world.”

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