Christmas is coming, but some of us have been celebrating the holiday season for nearly a month. It can be tough to purchase presents for people who really like Christmas, because we already have mass quantities of Christmas essentials. Luckily, I've compiled a list of five presents that will thrill the most devoted Christmas fanatics on your list.

1. Battery Operated Tree

Philips makes a great little battery operated Christmas tree that is the perfect addition to any Christmas village scene. It's also small enough to fit right in on a desk or workspace, so your Christmas enthusiast can even enjoy the warm glow of the holiday season while they're at work.

You can purchase the tree at Target or on Target's website.

2. Frango Mints

I probably hold a biased opinion on Frango Mints, given that I was raised in the Chicago suburbs and would eat at Marshall Fields' Walnut Room in downtown Chicago with my parents every Christmas season (and we'd always get Frango Mints with our check), but nonetheless, Frango Mints are a great gift to give any fan of Christmas, chocolate, or both. Frango Mints come in a variety of flavors, but the original variety (in the green box) are a holiday staple. You can eat Frango Mints any time of year, but for some reason they taste the best during Christmas.

Although Marshall Fields is no longer in business, you can still purchase Frango Mints through Macy's and on Amazon.

by Cupid Candies via Amazon

3. A Snow Globe

Although we're all grown up now, we Christmas fans still hold a little bit of childlike wonder for the holidays in our hearts, and there's no better way to tap into that childlike wonder than with a snow globe. A normal snow globe is fascinating, and if it plays music, even better! A fancy snow globe helps us appear sophisticated, but when nobody's looking, we'll shake it up and quietly reminisce on the holidays when we were kids.

Snow globes are available through most major retailers and on Amazon.

Reed & Barton via Amazon

4. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Glass Moose Mug

We Christmas enthusiasts resonate with Clark Griswold's desire in Christmas Vacation to give his family a "good, old-fashioned Christmas" that is as merry and bright as his childhood Christmases were. One of the most iconic scenes in the movie shows Clark and his family drinking eggnog out of glasses shaped like moose. With this glass, you can gift a functional Christmas decoration while also gently poking fun at the recipient's Christmas Griswold-like obsession.

We recommend you purchase the mugs at Kohl's or on Amazon.

Christmas Vacation Collectibles via Amazon

5. Advent Calendar

This is an especially great gift to give someone you're exchanging gifts with on or after Christmas Day. One of the most bittersweet feelings for Christmas fans is receiving Christmas-themed gifts with only a few days to use them before they're packed in storage for another 10 months. And although an Advent calendar will also have to be packed away, the gift itself will already have us thinking optimistically about next year's Christmas and more Christmases to come.

Advent calendars are available through most major retailers and on Amazon.