Christmas season is rolling up on us yet again, and if you're eager to kick off the season you may already be looking into cutting down your own live Christmas tree.

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West Michigan has no shortage of trees, nor places to cut them down yourself. So if you're looking for some of the most unique and magical options for your Christmas joy.

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*Note: almost all of the below options open up either Nov 19 - 20th.

1. Bosch's Countryview Nursery

If you're looking for an entire experience, this nursery in the Allendale offers just what you need to get into the Christmas spirit!

Forestries Open Christmas Tree Season
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Want more than just a tree? For $10 a person, you can ride a horse or tractor drawn wagon out into the woods to our brand new log cabin. You'll get a cup of hot chocolate for the ride, and when you arrive at the cabin you'll meet Santa and get a s'mores package. A great way to make the experience fun for the kiddos.

Their tree prices start at around $55, but it all depends on the size and type of tree you're looking to cut down, so make sure you check out their handy guide before you go.

2. Vormittag Family Tree Farm

If you can't grow your own tree on your own farm, this is the closest you'll get to the experience. This family farm has been in Ottawa county for over 50 years, serving the West Michigan community with trees and smiles for many Christmases.

Dumfries Farm Finishes Their Christmas Tree Harvest
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They're also a one stop shop for all live decorations, also offering wreaths and stands for anyone looking to complete their decorations from the same land.

3. Church's Tree Farm

Hanging out in Grant, Mi this cute family farm has been bringing smiles to West Michigan for over 60 years.

Andreas Rentz, Getty Images
Andreas Rentz, Getty Images

Picking out your tree is only part of the fun when you stop by Church's Tree farm, because they also have the "famous" (and heated) Moose House, where you can grab a hot cocoa and snacks before braving the snow and cold.

4. Lenderink Tree Farm

If you find yourself in Belmont looking for a tree, you've got to stop by and say hi to Santa at Lenderink Tree Farm. While they're open year round, they do also offer some great Christmas Tree options


According to their website, this year they are continuing full service free hot chocolate & coffee, individually packed marshmallows for roasting. They also allow dogs to come along for the fun (as long as you have them on a leash!)

5. Cut Down A Tree from One of Michigan's National Forests

Looking for a true thrill and want to beat the crowds? This is the most unique and inexpensive option on the list. You can get a permit for just $5 that allows you to cut down a tree from a specified part of one of Michigan's breathtaking National Forests

Christmas Tree Car

Currently, permits are available for Huron-Manistee, Hiawatha, and Ottawa forests

Good luck out there finding the perfect tree for your home this Christmas season, and make sure you get out there early so you don't end up with a tree like Charlie Brown's....


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