Want cheap, unique entertainment and a place to enjoy a picnic?

Get all three at Gerald R. Ford International Airport's outdoor viewing area in Grand Rapids.

I've spent some time there with my kids this summer and they always enjoy it.

A large welcome sign will reassure you that you are in the right place as Kraft hits a dead end.

Matt Milhouse

You'll find plenty of parking and nice picnic tables. Expect to have some company too. The viewing area always seems to be popular, especially around lunch time.

Matt Milhouse

Up to 300 aircraft use the airport daily, but it can help to plan ahead to know what's coming. It's more fun when the airport is busy with aircraft.

Get flight info directly from the airport. Having an app on your phone which shows when and where planes are coming and going helps too.

There's no charge to visit which makes visiting the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Viewing Area even more fun for kids and adults.

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