Summer vacation

School’s Out For Summer Grand Rapids
Will Smith did a song called Summertime, it was that song from the 90's that celebrated being out of school for the summer.  Then there was that old song Alice Cooper sang called, School's Out. And all of the nonsensical songs that kids just make up the words to that celebrate the end of another sch…
A Fun Summer Day Camp For Kids
There are basically, five more weeks of summer before school starts.  Still lots of time for the kids to have some summer fun, but you're out of ideas and the kids are getting restless?  Here's a fun idea.
First Day Of Summer
What are your summer plans. Any great getaways? Let the fun begin.
Today's the first day of summer. It's the day of the summer solstice, when the northern hemisphere achieves its maximum tilt towards the sun. That leads to the longest day of the year, while the southern hemisphere has i…