Rick DeVos

Helen DeVos Dies At Age 90
One of Grand Rapids' most recognizable figures passed away yesterday at the age of 90. Helen DeVos, wife of Amway founder Richard DeVos and namesake of the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, passed away Wednesday, October 18th.
Is Film About To Become A Much Bigger Part Of ArtPrize?
ArtPrize begins September 18, but it's been a busy couple of weeks for the art competition.
Venue registration closed, artist registration began, and a new executive director was named.
Christian Gaines, the new executive director of ArtPrize, has a strong background working with films.
Is his hir…
Rick DeVos And LZ Granderson Debate Christmas Tree Delivery
On November 27, Rick DeVos took to Twitter to find a Grand Rapids area company that delivers Christmas trees.
CNN and ESPN columnist LZ Granderson tweeted back in disbelief.
Granderson, a Grand Rapids resident, was strongly opposed to losing a part of Christmas tradition to a delivery service.
Grand Rapids “Start Garden”…Rick DeVos Unveils The Details
This is just so cool!  You've seen all the signs around town, right?  It's kind of difficult to miss them.  The colorful signs are all over in orange, pink, lime green and blue.  They're posted on doors, windows, inside coffee shoppes, cafes, and restaurants.  Start Garden is coming!  Well, Start Ga…
Art Prize Could be Bigger Than Ever This Year
It's hard to believe, but this year ArtPrize will be four years old.  WOW!
Rick DeVos created the event in 2009, so 2012 will be the fourth ArtPrize.  It has become a spectacular success.  And, this year promises to be bigger than ever...