On November 27, Rick DeVos took to Twitter to find a Grand Rapids area company that delivers Christmas trees.

CNN and ESPN columnist LZ Granderson tweeted back in disbelief.

Granderson, a Grand Rapids resident, was strongly opposed to losing a part of Christmas tradition to a delivery service.

I no longer have much authority to speak on this subject, as my family switched to an artificial tree about 5 years ago.  But before we switched, we got a real tree every year.

We usually cut it ourselves.  We always found a way to get it to our house without paying a company for delivery.  Sometimes the tree was stuffed in the trunk of our old Ford Taurus.  Sometimes the tree was on the truck or trailer of a friend or family member.

If you don't have a truck, you need a friend with one.

Sounds like Rick DeVos needs a friend with a truck.


Check out the conversation between Rick DeVos and LZ Granderson:

























Rick - If you're still trying to get your Christmas tree to your house just give me a call.  The River just got a cool, new Jeep.  I'll load the tree up then bring it over...for a beer.