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Sad news for Charlie Sheen – Goddess texts out
Actor Charlie Sheen had a bit of "sad" news to report at the Fort Lauderdale, FL, stop of his 'Violent Torpedo of Truth' tour on Saturday.
During a Q&A segment with the audience, Sheen revealed that he had been dumped by one of his "goddesses," porn star Bree Olson, via text m…
Is Charlie Sheen returning to “Two and a Half Men?”
After all the drama, headaches and "WINNING," is there a chance that Charlie Sheen will return to 'Two and a Half Men'? The answer may surprise you.
According to the Chicago Tribune, the troubled actor, who is in the midst of his 'Violent Torpedo of Truth / Defeat Is Not an Option' tour, sa…
Charlie Sheen Gets Booed Off Stage In Detroit!
Detroit was Charlie Sheen's first stop on his TORPEDO Tour!  Yeah, he bombed.  Even though he sold out the show, his bombing was no big surprise to me.  The type of person who would pay for a ticket to see Charlie Sheen on stage is the same kind of person who stops…
Charlie Sheen Has 9 Lives
Charlie Sheen’s “WINNING” streak continues, is exclusively reporting that CBS wants the troubled actor back on ‘Two and a Half Men’ just weeks after Warner Bros. unceremoniously fired him from the show.
Charlie Sheen FIRED Today, Via Text Message
Wow!  I never thought it would happen.  I am happy to see that for once money and profits did not trump everything.  Honestly, I just never thought it was going to happen.  Never.  But Monday afternoon Sheen learned that he was fired, get this, via text message...

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