It's one of the most special and memorable moments in a woman's life. The man she loves finally 'pops' the question, will you marry me. It's a scary moment for the man, but a beautiful moment for the woman.

That moment, however, is all to often becomes a fading memory. So, wouldn't it be great if you could capture that intimate time in your life forever?

Now you can.

A team of engineers from Hope College created a special box for engagement rings as their senior project. Inside is a small camera to capture the moment when a woman says yes to marriage.

I had David Walkotten, marketing director for Ring Cam, on the show Friday morning, and he explained.


It started as a senior design project, at Hope College. The students say they spent a year coming up with different prototypes and asked a couple of friends who they knew were getting engaged if they wanted to try it out and the videos that they got back were incredible.

The creators of the Ring Cam just returned from pitching their idea to ABC's Shark Tank during an open-call audition. They say the response was super positive, and have been asked to create a five-minute video for the second round.

Best wishes guys!