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Elaborate Marriage Proposal Is Year in the Making [Video]
Elaborate marriage proposals, whether it's done in front of 30,000 fans at a sporting event or with a choreographed flash mob performance, take a lot of careful planning.
But Dean Smith pulled of an amazing proposal that took exactly one whole year to pull off.
Ring Cam is Taking the Country by Storm [Audio/Video]
It's one of the most special and memorable moments in a woman's life. The man she loves finally 'pops' the question, will you marry me. It's a scary moment for the man, but a beautiful moment for the woman.
That moment, however, is all to often becomes a fading memory. So, wo…
Proposing Marriage With Penguins Is Unique
It seems as if there have been a million "unique and creative" marriage proposals lately.  You know, where the guy has a camera, or friend with a camera, stationed to capture the exciting, surprise moment.  Most have worked out...some, not.  Good Morning America has …