The Heartside Gallery & Studio is asking the community to help to them raise $6,000 through a Kickstarter campaign by May 16, 2013 in order to print an originally created commemorative book called, “An Irregular Heartbeat”. The funds would cover the costs of mass printing through a local printer. Donors giving a minimum of $30 will receive a book once printed, and options to give up to $130 offer recognition of donors in the final print.

The book is in celebration of the Gallery’s 20th anniversary and will highlight the history of the Gallery, its artists, artwork, and the needs of the community. The Gallery began as small offshoot of the Division Ave. non-profit Heartside Ministry in 1993. They have welcomed thousands of Heartside neighbors over the last 20 years into a safe environment in which to create, exhibit, and sell artwork.

Artists in the Studio come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, including homelessness and varying degrees of mental and physical health issues. Many are people from the neighborhood who simply wish to share their talents and expertise with their neighbors.

Gallery artist says it very well. “I would not be where I am today without the Heartside Gallery,” artist, Katalina Corona said.

Local community members have helped to recount the Gallery’s history and how/why they began, including Mayor George Heartwell, former executive director of Heartside Ministry. Professional photographers have captured each artist’s character on film, while professional graphic designers have laid out images of artists and their artwork in corresponding pages. Artists have told stories as to how the Studio has impacted their lives, and why they are an important fixture in the community. Over 30 artists from the Studio have also included autobiographies, stories, poems and jokes to be included in the book.

The campaign, Heartside Gallery Book Project: An Irregular Heartbeat hosted on Kickstarter is an online fundraising website that allows contributors to give in increments from $10 - $130. Larger donations also accepted. If the project is over-funded, donations will be applied towards printing more copies of the book.

Donation Options:

$10 A handmade postcard made by an artists from the studio. Styles range from wild cats to African portraits.

$30 A copy of “An Irregular Heartbeat” book. 100 pages, hard cover, 10”x8”, color images, professionally printed and bound in the USA.

$100 Handmade postcard from a Heartside artist + signed copy of the book by the artists + your name of choice printed in the back of the book as a sponsor for the project.

$130 Handmade postcard from a Heartside artist + signed copy of the book + your name printed in the back of the book as a project sponsor + a complimentary copy of the book given to one artists featured in the book.

Are you able to help?