It's a new season for baseball, almost.  So of course the Whitecaps are thinking of new and unique feed items to serve up.  You may remember last years 5 or 6 thousand calorie hamburger, right?

At least one of this year's food items would make Elvis Presley, The King, smile.  Among some of the food items up for sampling at the Whitecaps Ball Park Thursday morning were Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Tempura Fried Banana Pepper Rings,  Korean Tacos, Chicken Cheddar Cheesy Polish Sausage and White Castle Casserole (now that one sounds pretty good to me).

The Whitecaps will be choosing about a 6 of the new food items for the baseball season menu.  The choices will be based on popularity.Final decisions should be made by early March.