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Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Announces 90th Season
The Grand Rapids Civic Theatre and School of Theatre Arts have announced their 90th season, and it certainly has a "wow" factor.
The season is filled with performances reflecting its 90-year history of being one of the top amateur regional theaters in the country.
The Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains
Dining with allergies can be stressful.
Finding a restaurant that understands the needs of people with food allergies makes dining safer and more enjoyable.
AllergyEats has released its 2015 list of the most allergy-friendly restaurant chains nationwide.
The Oscars Are Sunday; Are You Excited? [Video]
Movie fans everywhere are counting down the days -- and hours -- until the Academy Awards are handed out.
Who or what will win? Surprises or nope, not really?
We've waited for more than a month since the nominees were announced. The Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards have already been…
MetLife Commercial Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes {Video]
There are so many heart-tugging stories out there. Yesterday, here on our website, we had the story of the father who decided to keep his Down Syndrome son instead of staying with his wife. She divorced him because he wouldn't give their son up. She's a real winner.

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