Driving down Hall Street and dodging all the potholes gets me to thinking.  I wonder if maybe one day while driving home from work, my car and me might just disappear into one of those big potholes, falling deep into the dark abyss of the earth, only to resurface in China.   They just seem to gobble you up, don't they?   Seriously, at the very least they do an enormous amount of damage to the front end of cars, tires and alignments.

A Washington based transportation group warns that over the next decade more than half of Michigan roads will be in worse condition if state funding remains the same.  The only way the road conditions can improve is with taxes being raised.  So, are you willing to pay more taxes to have better roads?  Many have suggested raising the gas tax to cover it.

I really can't see how much longer this can go on.  Gas, food, utilities, clothing and everything is else going up yet job are disappearing and wages are going down.  Something's got to give!  To report a pothole that needs to be filled you can now do it online.....

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