I remember for my 9th birthday party my parents took my friends and I to see the movie Spice World and this is making the inner 10-year-old girl in me scream.

If you saw the movie then you probably remember the tour bus the girls spent their time in. Well...over 20 years later and its still around! And even better, you can actually stay the night in it! The iconic bus is listed on Airbnb so you can spice up your night.

The bus remains the same on the outside with the Union Jack flag but the inside has since gotten a chic modern makeover, but without taking any of the "spice" out of it. It's got animal print, scrunchies & a neon 'GIRL POWER' sign across the wall.

According to the Airbnb post, the bus has 1 bedroom with two beds and a bathroom and includes the essential amenities. It's the perfect size for you and two of your besties to have a the ultimate sleepover.

The only downside is that you have to travel to London to get on the bus, but then again is that really such a bad thing?

Check out the all that pictures below.

A Night in the Spice Bus

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