Jason Momoa was seen hanging out in Detroit earlier this week having brunch, and now in a new video posted to his Instagram he addresses his love for the city saying he's got a "soft spot" for it and it's a place that's always made him feel at home.

The video not only shows sights of the city but highlights something lots of people weren't aware of... Detroit is the "least connected" major city in the U.S. This means that more people in Detroit don't have access to the internet.

While visiting, Momoa stopped at Rocket Mortgage, whom he starred in a Super Bowl commercial for, and shared that the company has raised more than $2.7 million to help in the "digital divide." In the video, Momoa is having a conversation with the company's Chief Marketing Officer who says that 30% of Detroiters don't have internet access. This stifles people from being able to find jobs, do schoolwork, get public health info, and community resources.

See the video posted by Jason Momoa below.

Rocket Mortgage teamed up with the city and local businesses to provide "tech hubs" for residents but there are several neighborhoods still struggling. You can find out more or help close the divide at Connect313.org.

Michiganders have a lot of state pride so it is humbling to see someone like Jason Momoa feel a connection (no pun intended) to one of our cities and want to help make it better.

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