I had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Bell a number of years ago.  I was also at his "Love Win's" book signing at the Barnes & Noble in the Woodland Mall last year.  As you might be able to tell I enjoy Rob Bell, I admire his ability to make people feel something!  Whether you agree with him or disagree with him he will make you feel something.  I also happen to agree with Pastor Bell that regardless of everything, Love Always Wins.

Rob Bell will be landing in Los Angeles to work on a TV drama that will be based "loosely" on his life.   Lucky for us, he also plans to write more books and speak around the country.

I am curious now as to the future of Mars Hill.  Working in ministry before moving here to Grand Rapids, oftentimes, people in the congregation become more attached to a pastor than to the message.  Wishing everyone at Mars Hill and Pastor Rob Bell a healthy, happy, peace filled and prosperous New Year!