Dare we say that buying this church converted into a home in Jackson would be something of a religious experience? See for yourself!

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Details About This Home

As we were scrolling through Zillow (as many of us do to daydream, pass the time, or actually find a house in this crazy market) we stumbled upon this extremely unique property that at first glance, you would think was a church up for sale...but it's actually a home!

Located at 1101 W Franklin St. in Jackson, the listing says this traditional-looking, brick church building is over 6,000 square-feet of private residence.

According to the listing, it was built in the 1950's and we are not entirely sure how long it actually operated as a church before some creative souls took it upon themselves to turn it into a home with all kinds of "open space & large rooms."

The listing agent, Timothy J. Atkins did say, "Since October of 2020, the east wing of the home has been reconfigured, and offers 4 new bedrooms, 4 new full baths, new Laundry Rm, and a second floor loft style."

See it to Believe it

Buying This Jackson Church-Turned-Home Would Be a Religious Experience

Located at 1101 W. Franklin St. in Jackson, this church has been converted into a five-bedroom, four-bath home and could be yours for around $320K.

Interested in Buying?

So what do you think? I don't know about you but as I was scrolling through all of the photos, I was automatically imagining what I would do with each space!

If you are interested in buying this five-bedroom, NINE-bathroom, church-turned-home with tons of potential, it will cost you about $320,000 which, honestly, doesn't seem too outrageous.

Now, that is not to say that is what you will pay as we've seen a lot of people get into bidding wars over homes in the current housing market...but if it is meant to be for you, it can happen. With a place like this, God's going to make sure the right people end up living there!

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