While the calendar might indicate spring, the National Weather Service's Grand Rapids Office this afternoon issued a winter weather advisory for Thursday and Friday.

A pair of late-season winter storms are bringing freezing rain and gusty winds early Thursday and again early Friday to Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

For Thursday, the winter weather advisory is in effect from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. Freezing rain is expected to develop in the morning, with a 10th to a quarter inch of freezing rain.

For Friday, heavier freezing rain is forecast for the northernmost portion of the Lower Peninsula from Grayling north, with a quarter to a half inch of freezing rain possible.

That'll mean hazardous travel conditions with icy roads both days.

Consumers Energy and other electricity providers are forecasting power outages because of the ice and winds. The Michigan Department of Transporation and Michigan State Police are reminding motorists to take it slower in ice and snow.

Temperatures are predicted to rise above freezing by late Friday morning. In addition to freezing rain, windy conditions with gusts over 30 miles per hour are expected Thursday and Friday.

Here are some tips in preparing for and coping with inclement weather:

  • Charge electronic devices, such as cell phones, laptop and tablet computers.
  • Have fresh batteries available for items such as flashlights and weather radios.
  • Have a three-day supply of water and non-perishable food available.
  • Don’t forget a first aid kit or any prescription medication if needed.

During and after a storm, Consumers Energy advises that people stay at least 25 feet from any downed power lines and assume that every line is live and dangerous.

Report any downed wires by calling 911 or Consumers Energy at (800) 477-5050. Additional storm and power outage from Consumers Energy is available online.