On Sunday, Jack Morris and Alan Trammell were both inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was a day to remember for Detroit Tigers fans, but someone is still missing...Lou Whitaker.

Will Lou Whitaker ever get voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

It's hard not to think of Lou Whitaker when you talk about Alan Trammell's career. Trammell acknowledged Whitaker during his speech at the Hall of Fame on Sunday.

Trammell said, "For 19 years Lou Whitaker and I formed the longest running double play combination in the history of baseball. Lou, it was an honor and a pleasure to have played alongside you all those years. I hope someday you'll be up here, too."

Inductee Chipper Jones brought up Whitaker during his speech too, the Detroit News reports Jones said, "Tram, coming up as a shortstop, there was nothing better than watching you and 'Sweet' Lou Whitaker turn that double play up in Detroit."

Of course, fans are ready for it to happen too, they yelled "Louuuuuu!" at the mention of Whitaker's name at the induction ceremony.

Whitaker's consistency and glove at second base were his strengths. Part of the problem is that his strengths, while valuable and Hall of Fame-worthy, aren't flashy and they get overlooked.

Whitaker was a lifetime .276 hitter. He finished his career with 2,369 hits, 244 home runs, 3 gold gloves, and the 1978 Rookie of the Year award. His numbers were good, but not overly dominate. Yet, they are better than many second basemen who are currently in the Hall of Fame. Take a look for yourself.

Whitaker is on many lists of the best second basemen of all-time. He's in the top ten on this list and happens to be the only player in the top ten that's not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

It's time for Whitaker to get voted into the Hall of Fame. His quiet, consistent play won games. It won the 1984 World Series. He deserves it, but will it ever happen?

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