This week mysterious white box outlines are going up all around GR and will be in surrounding neighborhoods soon. So what's going on? Is this some new outline for a bus stop? Nope the new area is called PARKING ZONE for ride on scooters, E-Bikes and sit on scooters, which I never seen.

BT / Townsquare Media

This one is at Michigan and Ottawa NW.

Brian Thomas / Townsquare Media

Get ready - like other cities, Grand Rapids is finally joining the scooter craze. Starting Wednesday, you'll see stations with scooters all around town.

Insiders are telling me the price to ride the new scooters will be $1.00 to start ride and then 15 cents a minute on the Spin app. Use code FREEFIVE on Spin App to save $5 on your first ride.

Brian Thomas/ Townsquare Media

Here's a look at the new scooters and E-Bikes showing up today Weds in GR.

Brian Thomas/TSM

SPIN Scooters being placed around town. They beat the painters who are supposed to paint a white box outline around the Parking Zone. This one is by Leo's Restaurant.

3 Different types to rent.

We just updated the story with Scooters showing up on the streets today after this morning's rain. Now you have new options for getting around town. While this new service is starting downtown, the map of the area where you can use the new scooters is quite large and is 12 miles wide.

To use the new conventional scooters download the "Spin" App and for sit down scooter and E- Bikes you'll have to download the "Gotcha App"

Here's what the "Spin" Looks like.

Spin App
Spin App on Google Play Store

Initial use will be limited to ages 18 and over. No word on operating hours or if the scooters or E-bikes have lights for riding after dark. And the new service is year round - remember, last year we had snow before Halloween.

Rules of the road apply and helmets are advised, but who carries one in their backpack? And scooters should be used in the bike lanes not dodging people on the sidewalks. I already expect to see riders going the wrong way on the one-way streets of downtown. Cars do that every day.

Warning to drivers - I would be extra careful, especially on weekends downtown and after dark. If the scooters in Nashville (with intoxicated tourists) are any indication, you're really going to have to be a defensive driver in downtown GR. While I applaud this new option to get around town, be careful out there.

More info at and hashtags for social are #scootershareGR and #bikeshareGR

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