As a ginger I know that I’m not going to be The winner in this contest. But I remember back in the day when my friends and I used to show each other our fists to see who has the best looking one. How did I know many years later It could pay off?

But, if you think you have a better looking fist than me, you might be Fistful of Bourbon's new "Spokesfist". That's right, a whiskey company is looking for a brand new "Spokesfist" to hold their bottle of whiskey in advertisements. They are paying $100,000 to whomever they decide has the perfect fist for the job.

That's right, they want to pay you one hundred grand to hold a bottle of whiskey.  That is, if you have the right fist for the job.  Fistful of Bourbon has a cowboy theme to its advertising, so you will probably want to have a cowboy looking fist.  Other than that, the only restrictions to apply are that you have to be 25 years old, be able to work inside of the United States, and apply by April 13th.

The qualifications for the job include:

  • One helluva fist
  • Ability to clench on cue
  • A steady hand
  • Creative and outgoing

OK, those really aren't actual qualifications, but that's what Fistful of Bourbon is looking for.  You can find out more at

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