On Tuesday, we told you about the new Grand Rapids pay as you throw trash program.  Some save with the new program, others pay more.

Which Grand Rapids trash program do you like better:  the old collection program or the new pay as you throw program?

Under the old program Grand Rapids residents were always able to 'pay as they throw' if they bought and used bags.  The concept of pay as you throw is not new, but the way it is done and the cost structure is different.



Grcity.us gives a quick overview of the new program:

The City will offer 32-gallon, 64-gallon, and 96-gallon refuse smart-carts at no cost. A customer selects a cart size and can change to a different size at no cost. The new program will not charge a flat monthly fee; it will charge a customer’s account only when a cart is placed at the curb for collection—pay as you throw.

Learn more about the new trash program in Grand Rapids.