The new pay-as-you- throw trash program in Grand Rapids hasn't worked out as planned.

The program is $2 million in deficit and in need of changes.

The  program went into effect last year in Grand Rapids.

Some people have paid more with the new program and some have paid less, but the numbers didn't work out like city officials had planned.

Now, it's time to try to work the numbers out.

WOOD-TV8 explains the proposed changes:

So-called tipping fees, the per collection charge assessed to customers, would increase by $1 at the first of the year.

Collection routes would be reduced from 13 to eight, and 10 operator positions would be eliminated.


The additional $2 million bailout would come from the city's general fund, with officials from the city's public service department promising to eventually pay back the money.

The five year forecast suggest the "Pay as You Throw" program will start paying for itself in five years.

Some major changes, but something has got to give. Hopefully, the projections are on target this time.

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