With this "wacky" warm weather we're having, all of us are wondering what should we do with our lawns and gardens.  The trees are budding, tulips and daffodils are popping up, and yet, it's only March 20th, the first day of spring.  We usually have snow to contend with, but not now.

Let's face it, though, we live in Michigan.  There is still a chance that we could have a frost or freeze yet this year. That means planting those annuals should be a 'no-no.'

Lawn and garden experts do say "get the crab grass control down now."  You want to prevent that pesky stuff from getting a foot-hold as fast as you can.

Okay, I can handle that.  I'll save my back from the planting for awhile.  But that crab grass...let's get rid of that crabby stuff now!