This past weekend was great.  The weather was spectacular and I was outside.  Okay,  doing yard work.  What a thrill you say?!  Actually, it had been awhile so my yard needed it, and, I, don’t mind because there is always this great sense of satisfaction when you’re finished.  You’re proud of your work and, my, how much nicer your yard looks. You can actually have people over now.

The biggest problem I always run into are weeds.  Believe me, I have my share.  That is the real pain in cleaning things up.  We all hate those weeds that can so quickly over take our landscaping, garden, gravel driveway, and our yard. Personally, I do not like to spray chemicals on my lawn, flowers, if I can help it.  With children and pets around, I want to stay as close to 'all natural' as possible.

I did a little research online and found an easy solution, which I’m going to use next time, to greatly reducing those weeds and it can be done with a few things you probably have in your cupboard already! This is so much cheaper, and safer than spraying a bunch of chemicals!  And, it's moderately easy and I'm up for that.

Here it is.

Things You'll Need

  • Salt (rock salt works the best but any salt will do)
  • Vinegar
  • 1 Spray bottle

get a bucket or a spray bottle (if you have a smaller area to cover) and

get rid of weeds with vinegar and warm water

mix a solution of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 warm water (as warm as you can stand it)

1 cup of salt per gallon of solution

Add 1 Cup of salt for every gallon of solution

Use spray bottle or watering can

add solution to a sprayer, spray bottle, watering can, or whatever you want to use to get rid of the weeds.

Spray solution generously over the weeds.

This will kill all the weeds

pull up the dead weeds (with in 24 hours they will die) at their roots

Good luck, weed haters.