Back-to-school sales may have already started, but we have a lot of summer left.

Whether you have a long vacation planned or are just trying to cram as much fun into every remaining summer night and weekend, it's good to have options.  Especially if you have kids to entertain.

Fortunately, Michigan has many options for those seeking a little summertime fun.

What is your favorite Michigan destination for kids' summer adventure?

Movies and games are always a fun way to pass time, but in the summer those activities are best saved for a rainy day.  That is, on the rare occasion that it actually rains this summer.

There are days when running through a sprinkler in the yard can provide enough entertainment for a whole afternoon.  But it's nice to get out and find a little more fun once in a while too.

Some of my kids' favorite summertime destinations include:  Michigan's Adventure, water slides, any Lake Michigan beach, pools, and well...anywhere they can get in the water to cool off and splash around.

What is your favorite Michigan destination for kids' summer fun?