There's a new car service app in Grand Rapids!

If you've ever been disappointed by taxi cabs in Grand Rapids, you might want to check it out. Take my situation Saturday.

Well, it was Summer Craft Beer Festival, which was awesome! After more than 100 delicious craft beers to sample in the glorious Grand Rapids sunshine and a rousing round of Cards Against Humanity after, I wanted to be responsible and cab it home. Estimated wait time? An hour and a half!?! I'm sorry, I will be asleep by then. Or dead.

Hey, after a long day of drinking when one just wants to go home, remove pants and eat pizza, one gets dramatic. Luckily a sober friend gave me a ride & I did not, in fact, die. Phew. Well, now we have another option for such times. It's called Uber.

According to WZZM-13, the car service Uber launches today in Grand Rapids as well as Flint, Kalamazoo and Lansing.

So how does it work? After downloading the app, input your info, including a credit card. (Eliminating the need for cash? Yes, please!) Uber finds your location via GPS.

Janna Hoke/97.9 WGRD

Then you pick a car type, hit request, and Uber finds you the closest driver.

Janna Hoke/97.9 WGRD

You can track your driver's progress, and you'll be notified when he or she arrives. Car picks you up. Card is charged. Done.

Janna Hoke/97.9 WGRD

Sounds simple. But, I have some reservations. Like, who exactly is picking me up? Not sure how I feel about getting into a stranger's car.

According to Uber, the company says it conducts its own driver background checks upon driver signup. And to be fair, there have been certain cab drivers who have definitely weirded me out.

I guess we'll have to see how it all works out, as today is launch day. Hmm, maybe I'll hit up Uber for a ride home later? If the estimated wait time is an hour and a half, though, I'm so out.