As medical experts have told us through most of the pandemic, face masks help slow the spread of the coronavirus.  Here in Michigan, you're supposed to be wearing a face-covering anytime you're indoors at businesses or if your'e outside around people and unable to keep at least a 6-foot distance from them.

Uber, since May, has required both drivers and passengers who use the rideshare service to use a face covering the entire time they're in the car together and recently Uber has taken another step to make sure this is happening and that both drivers and riders continue to feel safe.

It started with requiring Uber drivers and Uber Eats delivery drivers to take a selfie of themselves wearing a mask before picking up a passenger or grabbing your food delivery.  They wanted passengers to know the company was serious about their safety.

Now the company announced that that seriousness about safety is a two-way street and they'll now be requiring any passenger who is flagged for not wearing a face mask by one of their drivers to also take a "mask verification selfie" before they're able to hail another ride on the platform.

It all seems pretty simple, a screen pops up, you take a selfie wearing your mask and you're approved for the next ride. Yes, you could just take the mask off, but the simple fact that you have to have one for the selfie means that a) you have one, b) since you have it, just wear it for the ride.

Uber also reminds everyone that either the driver or passenger can cancel an Uber ride without penalty if either one of them is not using a mask. As the Uber website says about the new safety feature,

As more and more riders and drivers take their “second first trip,” we hope this increased accountability provides more peace of mind.


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