Ah, love is in the air this Valentine Weekend. Well, hopefully, anyway. So, let's find out about your love life.

There was a relationship/love survey taken awhile ago with one of the questions being what one romantic aspiration do we hope to achieve one day. The results were really interesting.

The survey showed that seven out of ten of us wish they could have just one "movie magic" kiss in their lifetime!

Well, it seems that a lot of us have some magical moments in our lives. The survey revealed that the average American has had at least seven romantic moments they would consider "magical."

So, what about you? Seven? More than seven? Less than? Have you had any?

According to the survey, some of the most exciting movie moments we want to recreate would be The Pottery scene from Ghost, the New Year's Eve monologue from When Harry Met Sally, the "to me you are perfect" scene from Love Actually, the lift from Dirty Dancing, and so many more. But those didn't make the top five. Survey says, there are even stronger "movie magic" scenes we want in our lives.

5.  The car scene from Titanic!

4. The upside-down kiss from Spider Man!

3. Mr. Darcy's second proposal in Pride and Prejudice!

2. "I'm flying" moment from Titanic!

And, the number 1 most romantic movie magic moment is.....The kiss in the rain from The Notebook!

Okay, I'll admit, that is one of the hottest scenes in a movie I have seen. It's on YouTube if you want to watch, which you probably do. It's age restricted so be careful who's in the room!

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!


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