Michigan has a lot of unique people and the questions we ask are no exception. What is Michigan's most Googled question?

Everyone has questions that need answers and sometimes the best answer doesn't come from your friends. A poll done by the webite Estatley revield these questions.

Courtesy Estatley


Aparently, Michigan has a lot of breweries and even more connoisseurs. For Indiana, they Googled "how to Google something" the most, which makes me even happier that I live in Michigan. Ohio, well, your in trouble this winter.


So, now comes the fun part. What did some of our neighbors google.

Courtesy Estatley

Since Donald Trump once asked this question of where President Obama  was born, which was Hawaii where they want to know how to be a Ninja. The President elect was born in New York where they want to know "how to explain Mansplaining". I too, Googled Mansplaining. it is defined as "explaining without regard to the fact that the explainee knows more than the explainer, often done by a man to a woman".

Finally, the best one comes from Florida where they Googled "how to get out of Florida".

What is the question you Google the most? Tell us below.

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