I write a lot about golf courses and golf design, probably because I find it interesting and how it plays into my boyhood dream ( of the many ) to one day become an architect.  Plus, I enjoy landscaping and that kind of thing... plus I like golf.   I've been playing golf as a "golfer" for about 12 years now, and the more I play, the more I try to look at the course as it is layed out in front of me.  Golf writer Geoff Shackleford writes about course design and what he likes in design.  We have so many great Michigan golf courses, but have you noticed "comic relief.?"  Shackleford writes a designer needs to include a bit of whimsy in design.  Something to take our minds off what we are doing.  Maybe that is what DeVries had in mind at The Mines.  Have you noticed the wood carvings...the eagle, the bear...several large-scale carvings out on the course?  Take a look, next time you are out for things the designer may have planned to give your mind a break....other than the beer cart.