Jon Ornee is an interesting cat. Since nearly dying after being hit by a SUV while riding his bike, he's gone on a tear trying wild new experiences. 

Ornee, who is from Holland, has set ultra speed records for cycling, swam to Manitou Island, participated in the fastest ever team marathon and even started a band with his wife since his near death experience.

He's all about living to the fullest each day, and he has a goal of doing one 'proud accomplishment' each month. He writes about all of his experiences on his web site, if you want to see how many things he's done.

This month, he took to the track at Michigan International Speedway, to see if he could use NASCAR drafting techniques to the pedal the fastest 100 miles ever on a bicycle.

He set the record. Here's the proof.

I'm pretty sure my bike would have fallen apart at around 25 mph.

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