Caledonia has asked Gov. Rick Snyder to decide if Todd Grinage can be the new Village President or even continue to serve on the council.

On Monday (November 14), Glenn Gilbert, the current Village President, released a letter that he sent to Gov. Snyder asking him to remove Grinage from office. But, is that something a Governor can do?

In Michigan, it totally is. There is a piece of legislation in place that pertains specifically to drunkenness (and some other things).

MCL 168.368 states that the Governor can remove an elected official from office if there is evidence of "habitual drunkenness", or the official "has been convicted of being drunk". There are also stipulations in the legislation for misconduct, wilful neglect of duty, extortion, or if the official is convicted of a felony.

Voters voted Grinage in as the new Village President on Nov. 8, but he is currently serving a 60 day sentence for third offense drunk driving.

The village attorney told WZZM-13 that the don't know how long it will take the governor to rule on the matter. If Grinage is removed, the council will choose a village president to serve until the next election.

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