Walking down the aisle wearing an N95 mask may not be ideal for many brides. But, if you're in love and taking the plunge, you might want to consider what many other brides have...a wedding style face mask! Kim Hamlin from Comstock Park has created over 5,000 face masks in the past year and of those, 4,000 were created specifically for brides, grooms and wedding guests.

Hamlin told Fox 17,

“It's definitely a full-time job; I'd say I do about 10 hours a day.”

Hamlin started her Etsy shop, Kim's Vintage Designs, back in 2009, but didn't really treat it like a full-time gig until the pandemic. Hamlin said she hears from brides who are in a pinch and request her services under tight deadlines. One time she had to overnight a set of masks directly to the Bellagio in Las Vegas for a couple who had forgotten about face masks until just days before the ceremony. She works with customers to determine which fabric, color and style they want.

Most people don't want to wear a mask on their wedding day, but since ya have to...make it fabulous! Hamlin says,

"If I can design something that is going to make their day better, then I feel like I'm doing my job.”

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